Park Publishes Follow-up Article on Meaningful Literacy in Research Writing Course

Posted on 10/13/2015 2:00:43 PM

Gloria Park and Jocelyn Amevuvor’s invited co-authored piece, “‘If you learn about these issues, you′re going to learn...more about yourself and things that you come in contact with every day’: Engaging undergraduate students in meaningful literacy in a research writing course” was published in volume 5, issue 2 of the Journal of Pedagogic Development in July 2015.

Amevuvor is a graduate of the MA in TESOL program and is currently a program coordinator of the Skill Zone. Amevuvor has been instrumental in assisting with the preliminary analysis of the research project.


This study, part 2 of the article published in March 2015 (Volume 5, Issue 1), explores the experiences of undergraduate students enrolled in a required research writing class that focused on the topics of social (in)justice and diversity and which allowed students to conduct their own empirical research. In order to investigate their experiences with the topics and with the empirical research project, we employed the use of interviews and analyzed the data by organizing it by themes. Short narrative profiles of eight of the participants that we focus on for this study are provided. From the participants' experiences, we also explore two themes: students' engagement with social (in)justice in a required undergraduate writing course and incorporating empirical research in a required research writing course. Finally, we provide implications for teaching and teaching writing.

Department of English