Park and Moe Publish on Gender and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers

Posted on 10/13/2015 1:46:30 PM

Gloria Park, English Department, and MA TESOL student Kristiane Moe’s invited co-authored piece, “Gender and NNESTs,” will be published in Wiley′s upcoming TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching.


Gender and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers (NNESTs) focuses specifically on issues of gender for language teachers from diverse contexts. First, the impetus for championing the "non" in NNESTs is discussed, before moving onto a brief historical overview of the scholarship on NNESTs. With the long-standing notion of teaching being perceived as a gendered work (Maher & Ward, 2002), the scholarship focusing on gender is discussed, especially those that explicate the intersection of gender and NNESTs. While the scholarship discussed in this entry is limited in scope, there is much insight gained from the experiences of women teachers from diverse contexts. This entry concludes with a discussion around pedagogical implications that can be modified and implemented throughout a variety of educational spaces.