Hibsman Presents Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration on Gaming Proposals at 2015 EAPSU Conference

Posted on 10/13/2015 11:50:16 AM

Tim Hibsman (English Department) presented the paper “Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration on Gaming Proposals” at the 2015 English Association of the Pennsylvania State Universities on Oct. 10 at the Slippery Rock University.

This presentation demonstrated how practical applications and real-life scenarios can be implemented in the English classroom. Students from English, communications media, and computer science worked collaboratively to design multistep projects and presentations. The process of going through theory, plan, client analysis, proposal, storyboard, to prototype was completed in phases by students from each program. Students used the Applied Media and Simulation Games Center to conceptualize their ideas and work on their prototypes. Project outcomes included market analysis and web-based gaming projects to enhance business website customers.

Students need multiple skills and need to work with others with multiple skills once they graduate and enter the workplace. This exercise provides a project where students have an expertise in one area (English), but must rely on other students (from other departments) with other skills to finish the product. Thus students must understand the basics of all phases of the project, successfully complete their phase, and work collaboratively with other students.

Students had to clearly and effectively write to make sure their concept and purpose was clearly and understandably stated to the next group of students working on the project. Some students met the students taking on the next phase of the project. Other students never met the students working on their projects. They simply handed off their project with clear and instructions and let them work. Sometimes they had to follow-up with e-mail or phone messages to answer any questions. All correspondence had to be done in a professional and business-like manner.