Hibsman Presents Secrets of the Frozen Lake at 2015 PCEA Conference

Posted on 10/13/2015 11:43:44 AM

Tim Hibsman (English Department) presented a sports film and literature lecture titled “Secrets of the Frozen Lake” at the 2015 Pennsylvania College English Association in Scranton, Pa. on October 3.

From the program description of the presentation:

The reading of the short story “He Shoots, He Scores!" from the book Imagination Unleashed will introduce how a frozen lake is the secret to success for a select group of young athletes. Visual images will also be displayed and analyzed to provide the significance of the land, weather, nature, and wildlife on the impact to the characters. One of the themes is to express how the rough and brutal side of nature can be a training advantage.

This presentation is part of a proposed sports literature course. Often technology is credited with giving athletes an advantage. In ice hockey technology abounds in heated skates, graphite sticks, light-weight pads, Zambonis, etc. But the greatest advantage of all could be going back to the basics—back to nature—for the biggest advantage of all. Instead of playing a sport on the smooth ice surface surrounded by boards and plexiglass of the modern skating rink, nature provides its own arena with its unique challenges and characteristics.

Imagination Unleashed is a collection of short stories written for young adults. The stories are short, precise, thought-provoking, and designed to inspire discussion and analysis from the readers. The book is divided into to four chapters: Section I, Humor, Irony & Sarcasm; Section II, Youth, Ignorance, & inexperience; Section III, Life Experience, Trauma, & Dumb-Luck; Section IV, Death, Destruction, & Profanity.