Collaborative Team Leads Health Education and Sexual Violence Awareness and Response Efforts

Posted on 10/8/2015 3:33:55 PM

This fall, several staff and faculty members have assumed new roles in designing and implementing sexual violence prevention, health education, and support services for students, as a part of the Student Affairs Division’s work to implement the university’s Strategic Plan and contribute to IUP’s vision of being a student-centered university.

Julene Pinto-Dyczewski serves as the Health Education and Program/Women's Programs director.  Jessica Miller, Counseling Center faculty, assumes a leadership role for the Haven Project, continuing its mission in providing sexual violence prevention and intervention services. Melissa Dick, Health Service director, will be a member of a triage team providing support and intervention services to students receiving services from the Haven Project. 

Pinto-Dyczewski, Miller, and Dick are working collaboratively with several offices and departments across campus and in the community, including the Office of Social Equity, the Women's Commission, University Safety, academic associate and assistant deans, and the Alice Paul House. Valerie Mercado, IUP’s Title IX coordinator, and Sondra Dennison, deputy Title IX coordinator and director of Residential Living, are part of this collaborative team, joining Pinto-Dyczewski, Miller, and Dick to continue to enhance the university’s efforts to provide sexual violence prevention and support services, as well as strengthen its health education programs and outreach and awareness programs. 

Knowing the importance of peer education in these efforts, the team will support peers and volunteers who are dedicated to reaching out to students about sexual violence and healthy behaviors.

Call 724-357-3947 or visit the Center for Health and Well-Being to learn more.