Student Association Donates to Nutrition Student after Unfortunate Loss

Posted on 10/7/2015 10:22:19 PM

The Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) donated several gift cards to Amanda Tiell (second from right), a fellow major in the Department of Food and Nutrition, after she lost most of her belongings in a fire in her Copper Beach apartment right after she moved in.

Members of the Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics with Amanda Tiell

The fire took place late in August 2015 just before the start of the semester, leaving Amanda without  all of her technology, personal belongings, and school purchases. 

“I firmly believe that if we have been blessed with many resources, we should give back just as much, if not more, of those resources,” said Katie Lynch, SAND president. “I couldn't imagine losing everything in a fire right before school starting, and so I wanted to ease the burden of a fellow classmate.”

The Co-op Store also helped Amanda by providing all of her texts for the fall semester.