Student Accounting Association Career Fair Draws Record Number of Employers

Posted on 9/18/2015 1:16:59 PM

On September 16, 2015, the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology’s Student Accounting Association (SAA), in collaboration with the IUP Career and Professional Development Center, held their annual Accounting Career Day at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex.

The event attracted a record number of organizations recruiting at the event—32 in total. Represented companies included the “Big Four” accounting firms, 13 regional and local public accounting firms, three banks, three government agencies, three MBA programs, two accounting professional associations, a CPA review company, an accounting executive search firm, a relocation company, and a large health services company.

The SAA is one of only a few student organizations on campus that hosts its own career fair.  

Students at Accounting Career DayThe Accounting Career Fair was organized into three segments: a two-hour morning session, a 90-minute buffet-style lunch, and a two-hour afternoon session. The morning session was exclusive to IUP students, while the afternoon session was open to both IUP students and accounting students from surrounding universities.  

IUP students arrived at 9:30 a.m. to welcome accounting professionals and recruiters. The SAA prepared a “resume book” for the recruiters which included over 90 IUP accounting majors’ resumes.  Students were able to talk directly with recruiters about various opportunities, including summer leadership programs, internships, and positions for permanent employment.  

Jeannine Goncher, Human Resources officer at 1st Summit Bank, was extremely impressed with the SAA’s Accounting Career Day. “The students were respectful and very well prepared, the venue was perfect, and I especially enjoyed the lunch discussions with faculty and students,” Goncher said. “Also, I loved the booklet of student resumes. It was the first time I’ve seen that done; it was sheer genius and a great time-saver for employers to review resumes in advance.”

Registration TableSAA member Ryan Sweeney began the lunch with a brief welcome followed by SAA member Lindsey Hochendoner, who thanked faculty members of the Accounting Department and administration for all the hard work and dedication they put forth for their students. Brad Deppen, SAA Career Day cochair, introduced Matt McCullough, a 2015 IUP graduate, as the keynote speaker for the event. McCullough is currently an associate with the Pittsburgh regional public accounting firm, Sisterson & Associates.  

McCullough opened his speech by indicating how nice it was to be back at his alma mater. The story he chose to share was about his transition and development during his college career. “As a freshman, I was sitting in the back of the class doing the bare minimum and discovering the truth behind the ‘freshman 15,’” said McCullough. However, he later found an interest in accounting and realized how important it was to get involved. He focused on stepping out of his comfort zone and seeking leadership roles, which he demonstrated by becoming president of Phi Gamma Nu, a professional business fraternity, and vice president of finance for SAA. Matt excelled in school, and his hard work paid off as he was hired to work for Sisterson & Associates.

The SAA recognized the efforts of Jan Shellenbarger of IUP’s Career and Professional Development Center, and Kim Anderson, the SAA faculty advisor, for their help in organizing the event. Shellenbarger and Anderson worked closely with SAA vice president Corrine Camp and SAA Career Day cochairs Dan Ryan and Brad Deppen to make this year’s Accounting Career Day one of the best ever.  

Kimberely Miller '02, Dr. Kim Anderson and Matthew McCullough '15 (left to right)“Throughout the day, recruiters mentioned to me how impressed they were with our students,” Anderson said when asked how she thought the event turned out. “In particular, several of them remarked on how well prepared our students were as compared to students at similar events held at other universities. I was very proud!”

In the photo at left, Kimberley Miller ’02 (left) is a tax manager with Sisterson & Co., Kim Anderson (center) is an accounting professor at IUP, and Matthew McCullough ’15 (right) is an associate with Sisterson & Co.