Wissinger and Wilson Publish on Facebook Privacy Policies and Rights

Posted on 8/19/2015 9:25:11 AM

Christina Wissinger, doctoral candidate in the Communications Media and Instructional Technology program and B. Gail Wilson, chair and professor with the Department of Communications Media, recently published their original research paper “Student Perceptions of Facebook’s Privacy Policies and Rights” in the Journal of Social Media Studies.

Wissinger and Wilson conducted a randomized survey of undergraduates in order to determine if students could easily read and comprehend language used in Facebook’s Data Use Policy and Statements of Rights and Responsibilities. The results were then analyzed using a theoretical framework for privacy literacy. The findings show that undergraduates’ value their right to privacy; however, they tend to overestimate their ability to accurately comprehend language used in these statements.

The Journal of Social Media Studies is an international journal focusing on communication science and social media analysis with a double blind peer review process for every submission. The article is currently available online and can be downloaded without a fee or subscription required.