Research Experiences for Summer Scholars Keynote Address and Poster Session

Posted on 8/3/2015 6:07:02 PM


Join us Aug. 6 from 2:00—4:30 p.m. in the PNC room of the KCAC for a keynote address and poster session featuring the 30 active undergraduate and graduate participants of the Research Experiences for Summer Scholars Program.

These students have dedicated their summer to research projects and professional development. Kicking off our event is our keynote speaker, Alan Russell, a renowned voice in regenerative medicine and TED speaker. 

Dr. Alan RussellKeynote Address Abstract: 

The largest taxi company in the world has no cars. The largest hotel in the world has no buildings. When will doctors provide healthcare with no hospitals? When will hospitals and computers provide healthcare without doctors? Disruptive innovation in healthcare seeks to transform the delivery of care by simultaneously increasing affordability, simplicity, accessibility, and quality. Innovations like these have been rejected by the current status quo of healthcare, but new technology is driving change. In this lecture, we will explore the boundaries of health and wellness and identify disruptive science and engineering that will change how our children and our children’s children live. Using examples such as computational healthcare and regenerative medicine, we will discover how the future is already arriving.

Congratulations for the following students on their successful summer of research:

In addition to a research project, the summer research program also contains professional development activities, including a resume writing workshop, information on the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), and Essentials of Presentations and Posters presentations. 


Michael Belko (C. Diep)
David Bunion (C. Ruby)
Mary Chey (N. Bharathan)
Robert Connacher (S. Bharathan)
Ian Forte (H. Travis, BURE)
Cassandra Krul (E. Yerger)
Noriko Mikeasky (C. Diep)
Caitlyn Palmer (C. Ruby)
Elizabeth Stackhouse (C. Diep)
Benjamin Wadsworth (D. Janetski)
Emily Welch (E. Yerger) 


Anthony DeBarros (S. Majumdar)
Elon Denio (J. Fair)
Jared Fee (W. Elcesser)
Samantha Goldstein (J. Fair)
Emily Groegler (J. Fair)
Amber Harding (C. Lake)
Marcus Hewitt (G. Long)
Austin Meals (J. Fair) 
Allison Rabon (C. Lake)
Blake Woodyard (J. Fair)
Kaitlyn Wyland (A. Jain) 


Savannah Irwin (J. Taylor)


Ryan Hillegass (J. Chrispell)
Shawn Mosley (J. Chrispell)
Ryan Perrin (J. Chrispell)


Matthew Lees (J. Bradshaw)
Nicole Lees (M. Numan)
Paul Singerman (M. Numan) 


Ian Bright (R. Pavloski)

The RESS Committee:

Shelly Bouchat (Mathematics)
Nick Deardorff (Geoscience)
Justin Fair (Chemistry)
William Ferrell (Psychology)
Robert Major (Biology)

Department of Chemistry