Students in Economic Development and Monetary Economics Courses Present Research

Posted on 7/28/2015 12:56:25 PM

Professor Sissoko teaches a class

Professor Yaya Sissoko teaches an economics class.

Yaya Sissoko’s students from ECON 339 Economic Development I and ECON 325 Monetary Economics presented their class research projects at the tenth annual Undergraduate Scholars Forum at the session titled “Economic Development and Finance.”

The names of the students with the titles of their papers are: Andrew Love, “Investing in the Stock Market: A School of Risk;” Colleen Rorke, “Race for Development: Brazil vs. South Africa;” Daniel Hatooka, “Iraq and Indonesia: The Road to Development;” and Thais Campos, “Venezuela and Columbia: Finding Common Ground for Economic Development.” 

In addition, Sissoko also served as judge at the Regional Economic Studies session and at the session for Topics in Applied Microeconomics.

The 2015 Undergraduate Scholars Forum was held near the end of the spring semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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