Shredding Services Available

Posted on 6/18/2015 1:34:57 PM

Shredding services are available through the Central Storeroom.

The following procedure can also be found at our website

Miscellaneous Documents

  1. All documents must be free of staples, paper clips and binder clips.
  2. NO documents/paper heavier than 24lb can be shredded.
    1. This means copy paper and bond paper only.
  3. All documents must be removed from folders, binders, etc.
    1. Folders and binders are considered garbage and should not accompany the documents to be shredded.
    2. Please consider re-using them in your office if possible.
  4. All documents need to be placed in a box to be transported to the Central Storeroom.
  5. Complete a work order in the Schooldude work order system (through maintenance).
    1. Complete all work order fields; to include:
      1. Number of boxes to be shredded
      2. Location of the boxes
      3. Direct the work order to the WAREHOUSE
  6. The Central Storeroom will pick up the documents.

Departments are welcome to do their own shredding, however item 1 above applies to the shredder use.    Anyone coming to the Central Storeroom must check in at the storeroom counter prior to shredding.

Confidential/Personal Documents

Because Central Storeroom cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the documents sent to be shredded, we ask departments to please make arrangements to send an employee or student employee to Robertshaw to do the shredding.

If you are unable to send an employee to shred your confidential documents, we are able to store the documents in a semi-secure area within the storeroom and will shred the documents for you. Please contact us with questions.

We will be glad to make arrangements to have the documents brought to Robertshaw (using the above procedures). Several departments are currently using this procedure, and it works well.

Any questions or concerns regarding the shredding of university material should be directed to Michele Fatora, 724-357-4074 (