Savova Conducts Workshop at BETA/IATEFL International Conference

Posted on 6/17/2015 2:29:14 PM

Lilia Savova, English Department, conducted an invited workshop on “Variation in the Classroom: Designing Authentic Materials and Activities” at the BETA (Bulgarian English Teachers Association) International Conference on June 6–7, 2015, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

BETA is an affiliate of IATEFL (International Association of the Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), one of the world’s two largest professional organizations. It attracts participants from Bulgaria and from many European and other countries.

Savova’s workshop addressed students’ and teachers’ ever-growing sensitivity to the contrived language and activities in the EFL classroom. It offered suggestions for bridging the gap between English in the classroom and in the real world. It demonstrated how language exercises and textbook conversations may be grammatically correct, but pragmatically inappropriate as well as ineffective. It engaged participants in designing conversations and communicative activities that are authentic, effective, and motivating.

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