Thirteen Faculty Receive FPDC Grants—More Than $117,000 Awarded

Posted on 6/11/2015 9:42:31 AM

The Statewide Faculty Professional Development Council  (FPDC) supports two annual, limited-submission grant programs allowing faculty to apply for up to $10,000—the first competition supports faculty research, joint faculty-student research, joint faculty-student public service, creative and performing arts, and individual career enhancement, and the second competition supports Programs and Activities Related to Innovation in Teaching and Improvement of Student Learning Outcomes.

IUP submitted 16 proposals to the first competition and 11 of those 16 received funding for a success rate nearing an unprecedented 70 percent. IUP faculty received $102,314 of the approximately $300,000 in available funds. Furthermore, IUP’s submissions accounted for 23 percent of the total proposals awarded across the system. This is the highest award rate IUP has achieved since before 2005.

IUP also submitted two proposals to the second competition and both were fully funded, awarding IUP faculty $15,697 of the approximately $50,000 in available funds. This is the first time both IUP innovation in teaching proposals have obtained funding.

The FPDC was established in 1985 with ambitions “to encourage continuous attention to the professional growth and development of System faculty as teaching scholars.” We commend the IUP faculty for their efforts in successfully securing this funding in support of their diverse research and scholarly projects. For more information about the FPDC and the annual grants competitions, please visit the FPDC webpage.

IUP FPDC Annual Grants Program Awardees

Cuong Diep: “Understanding Kidney Stem Cells in Zebrafish;” $9,359  

Lorraine Guth: “International Counselor Education Career Enhancement in Malawi, Africa;” $9,986  

Steve Hovan: “The Variability and Impact of Dust Input to the Subtropical Atlantic during Glacial-Interglacial Events;” $9,580  

Avijita Jain: “Development of RU(II) Based Photodynamic Therapy Agents;” $9,951  

Jonathan Lewis: “LIDAR-Guided Earthquake Modeling and Fieldwork in Taiwan during Spring 2016 Sabbatical Research;” $10,000  

Robert Major: “A Novel Role for Circadian Rhythms in the Control of Tissue Regeneration in the Planarian;” $9,630  

Scott Moore: “Ground Penetrating Radar and the Mediterranean Harbor at Pyla-Koutsopetria, Cyprus;” $5,543  

Paul Nealen: “Why does Prozac cause Auditory Side Effects?;” $8,278  

Thomas Simmons: “The Effects of Forest Fragmentation due to Resource Extraction Activities in the Allegheny National Forest Region of Pennsylvania on Deer, Mice, Ticks, and the Lyme Disease Pathogen;” $10,000  

Josiah Townsend: “Islands in the Sky and Sky Islands in the Sea: Deciphering Patterns of Diversity in Mesoamerican Highland Amphibians;” $9,989  

Michael Tyree: “Estimating Timing of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestation in Eastern Hemlock using Tree-Ring Analysis;” $9,998    

IUP FPDC Innovation Grants Program Awardees

Pao Ying Lin Hsiao: “Integration of Dietetic Students into Simulation Experiences: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Clinical Decision-Making, Communication, and Learner Satisfaction;” $8,676  

Gregory Mount: “Development of a Mobile Well Monitoring System;” $7,021  

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