Fair and Kondo Write Article on the Benefits of Student Group Work

Posted on 6/10/2015 8:30:30 PM

inChemistry magazine recently published an article written by Justin Fair and Anne Kondo on the benefits of student group work. For the magazine cover, the editors choose a picture of two IUP students,  Edgar Ceballos and Kelsey Claypool, working in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory.  

inChemistry magazine coverThe article highlights the growing desire by chemical employers for students to graduate with a better understanding and use of teamwork and interpersonal skills. In their article, Fair and Kondo provide an outline of these desirable attributes and ways in which they can practice and hone them.

inChemistry is the official American Chemical Society student member magazine containing topics of concern to undergraduate students in the chemical sciences such as chemistry, careers, and professional development.

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