The Hawk Gets a Name!

Posted on 3/3/2008 10:32:40 AM

IUP’s new mascot now has a new name—Norm!

At the final regular season home basketball games, the mascot’s official name was revealed! “Norm” links directly to the university’s history. When the school was founded in 1875, the university’s name was The Normal School. IUP’s athletic teams have competed with the nickname “The Normalites” and others before being identified as Crimson Hawks. Norm is a tribute to that history and his jersey number 75 refers to the year the school opened its doors for the first time.

The new name of our Crimson Hawk was the result of the work of the mascot implementation team, which was made up of faculty, staff and students. Several members of this team conducted a series of informal focus groups among students, faculty, alumni, and fans and found that the name was very appealing, fits well with IUP’s history, and has a fun and exciting element to it.