Student Accounting Association 2015 Recognition Dinner

Posted on 5/8/2015 2:24:29 PM

On April 22, 2015, IUP’s Student Accounting Association (SAA) held its annual Recognition Dinner at the Rustic Lodge in Indiana, Pa.

The SAA Recognition Dinner Committee organized this successful event, which included the participation of 48 accounting professionals from 22 different companies, 90 accounting majors, and 19 faculty and administrators. Accounting professionals from all of the Big Four accounting firms from three different cities and 11 regional and local public accounting firms from four different cities were in attendance, as were professionals from two banks, two health services companies, a public utility, a CPA review firm, and a private corporation.

SAA Recognition Dinner Chair Lisa Fletcher started the event by welcoming everyone and introducing Eberly Associate Dean Prashanth Bharadwai, who made his opening remarks about the excellence of IUP’s accounting students. After the dinner, Edward Kremmel, SAA senior vice president, introduced the guest speaker, Dan Simoni.

Simoni is a former SAA vice president who graduated from IUP in 1994. He started his career at PwC in Pittsburgh, and is currently an assurance partner with PwC in Houston, Texas. Simoni has recently hired IUP accounting graduates for PwC’s Houston office.

SAA Dinner - roomSimoni hit on four main points throughout his speech: the accounting profession compared to other business disciplines, the trends and developments of the accounting profession, the attributes for success, and the steps students should take in their college careers.

  • He explained how accounting majors have more career flexibility throughout their lives. Accounting majors have the ability to change to other business sectors more easily than other business majors.
  • The trends Simoni highlighted within the accounting profession include an increased reliance on technology, a diversified workplace, and a flexible schedule.
  • Attitude is a key feature that professionals use to project success. Become receptive to, and give, feedback. Be courageous in your profession, but also know the areas you need to improve upon. Commit yourself to excellence. Flexibility goes both ways. Practice ethical behavior.
  • The next steps that accounting majors should take involve seeking advice, networking, interview preparation, and setting goals.  

SAA Recognition Dinner, Table 9
From left: Dan Simoni (partner, PwC), Kim Anderson (SAA faculty advisor), Corinne Camp (2015 SAA VP), Kirsten Berger (campus recruiting specialist, Deloitte), Lisa Fletcher (2015 SAA Dinner chair), Ryan Sweeney (SAA member), Tom Walenchok (partner, Baker Tilly)

After Simoni’s speech, Dan Ryan, the SAA Career Day chair, recognized the hardworking professors that the Accounting Department has, which led into an introduction of the SAA faculty advisor, Kim Anderson. Anderson then honored the accounting students who continually strive towards success. Anderson presented the PICPA Outstanding Senior Award to Matt McCullough, and the Highest Graduating Senior Award to Jonathan Middler. The vice president of Finance, Anna Monyak, acknowledged all of the current SAA members. Corrine Camp, the SAA vice president, recognized each professional and the company that they represent. To close the night, SAA President Alison Rykaczewski made her closing remarks and thanked everyone for attending the 2015 SAA Recognition Dinner.

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