Biology Students Teach 110 Fourth-graders about Ticks

Posted on 5/6/2015 11:15:00 AM

Eighteen students in the environmental biology course taught 110 fourth-grade students from Eisenhower Elementary School how to safely explore the woods in “How to safely explore the woods: The ecology of the blacklegged tick.” The fourth-grade students spent their day on the IUP campus learning about science.

The educational outreach program on tick ecology was one of the science sessions held in the Biology Department laboratories in Weyandt Hall. IUP environmental biology students who are majoring in early childhood education and special education led the fourth-grade students though six teaching stations. The teaching stations included the following:

  1. Tick bite prevention: How should your dress for a walk in the woods?
  2. Life stages of the tick: How does the appearance of the tick change from larva to nymph to adult?
  3. Tick behavior: How do ticks “ambush” their hosts?
  4. Tick removal: How do you safely remove a tick?
  5. Lyme disease: How is Lyme disease spreading in the United States?
  6. Biodiversity loss: How are people destroying ecosystems?

The fourth-grade students especially enjoyed using the stereomicroscopes to look at the ticks in their various life stages as well as what to wear and how to walk on the trails in the woods.

Educational Outreach Environmental Science 2014 Educational Outreach Environmental Biology 2015

Photos: Environmental biology students display the instructional materials and children’s literature used for the educational outreach project.