A Statement from Alumna Ashlee Long

Posted on 5/4/2015 3:43:13 PM

I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2012 with two bachelor degrees in psychology and biology with a minor in chemistry. I then returned to IUP and graduated again with a master’s degree in biology.

Through IUP, I was able to gain a good education and foundation that will serve me well in the next stage of my career. More than the education, though, it was the research that I performed during my graduate career at IUP that really helped me grasp a thorough understanding of biology and its applications. The research, in Dr. Bharathan’s lab, taught me many key techniques in biology as well as helped me work on my presentation skills through poster sessions at many research forums.

Through IUP and the opportunities it has given me, I was able to successfully gain entrance into numerous doctoral programs with full tuitions and stipends as well as fellowship offers. I will happily be joining the cellular, molecular, and developmental biology PhD program at University of Alabama–Birmingham (UAB), which is an excellent program and offers a large competitive stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance, and an extra moving package. Overall, UAB is an excellent next step for me, and I feel very grateful that my success at IUP is what helped me gain admission to such a wonderful school. 

Department of Biology