Twenty Economics Students Present Original Research and Represent the Department at the 2015 Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/27/2015 8:00:02 AM

Twenty students presented their original research in sessions organized by the Department of Economics at the 2015 IUP Undergraduate Scholars Forum.

Covering topics ranging from political economy and economic well-being to development and finance to applied microeconomics, the students presented original research in five different sessions under the guidance of six faculty members. The Department of Economics is very proud of the hard work and effort of each of these 20 students, 13 of whom are economics majors, accompanied by three economics minors and including two McNair Scholars.

Based on the outcome of the faculty judging and awards selection process, two students—Jennifer Johnson and Jessica Black—each won a presentation award!

Presenting within the Topics in Applied Microeconomics session, Jennifer Johnson, a junior dual-baccalaureate (BA, Economics; BS, Marketing) candidate won the Dean’s Award for Excellence in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for her paper titled “Determinants of Per Capita Electricity Consumption at the State Level.” According to Jennifer, “I wasn’t going to present because I was really sick and had no voice, but I had worked really hard on this research and wanted to see it through. I’m thankful I did go and present it, and for the help from my sponsor, Dr. James Jozefowicz.”

Presenting within the Regional Economic Studies session, Jessica Black, a senior dual-baccalaureate (BA, Economics; BS, Finance) candidate won the Outstanding Presentation Award in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology for her paper titled “Dropping out of High School: An Analysis of Pennsylvania Counties.” As noted by Jessica, “I was very excited presenting at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum this year. Last semester in Intro to Econometrics, I worked with Savanna Bonds to develop this paper, ‘Dropping Out of High School: An Analysis of Pennsylvania Counties,’ and I could not be prouder of what we accomplished in this paper. It is an honor to receive this award, and I want to give a big thanks to Dr. James Jozefowicz, who was my professor in Intro to Econometrics, and Dr. Stephanie Jozefowicz, who was my sponsor for the Forum.”

Both of these award-winning students are enrolled in the Honors Track in Economics and serve as Economics Club officers. Their research was conducted in the Introduction to Econometrics and Advanced Econometrics courses offered by the Department of Economics.