Students Gear Up for Summer Research

Posted on 4/24/2015 5:11:07 PM

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The 2015 Research Experience for Summer Scholars (RESS) program has selected this year’s slate of IUP students. Each student chose a faculty mentor from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to work on a cutting-edge research project during the 10-week program. 

Chemistry student Deena HauzeIn addition to a research project, the summer research program also contains professional development activities, including a resumé writing workshop, information on the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), and essentials of research presentations.  

The RESS students will highlight their research accomplishments at the end-of-summer poster session, which will be held in the IUP HUB on August 6, 2015. 

The 2015 RESS Students will:

  • Gain experience in their of study through hands-on research with one-on-one faculty engagement;
  • Increase their confidence in relating scientific information in and out of their main field of study;
  • Improve their chances at getting into graduate school or employment in the industrial sector;
  • Make valuable and long-lasting connections by practicing teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills;
  • Create a well-rounded resume and be a part of a scientific publication or report; and
  • Present scientific material that you generated. 

Congratulations to all of these top-notch scholars! Here is a listing of participating students with their research adviser. 


Michael Belko (C. Diep)
David Bunion (C. Ruby)
Mary Chey (N. Bharathan)
Robert Connacher (S. Bharathan)
Ian Forte (H. Travis, BURE)
Cassandra Krul (E. Yerger)
Noriko Mikeasky (C. Diep)
Caitlyn Palmer (C. Ruby)
Elizabeth Stackhouse (C. Diep)
Benjamin Wadsworth (D. Janetski)
Emily Welch (E. Yerger) 


Anthony DeBarros (S. Majumdar)
Elon Denio (J. Fair)
Jared Fee (W. Elcesser)
Samantha Goldstein (J. Fair)
Emily Groegler (J. Fair)
Amber Harding (C. Lake)
Marcus Hewitt (G. Long)
Austin Meals (J. Fair) 
Allison Rabon (C. Lake)
Blake Woodyard (J. Fair)
Kaitlyn Wyland (A. Jain) 


Savannah Irwin (J. Taylor)


Ryan Hillegass (J. Chrispell)
Shawn Mosley (J. Chrispell)
Ryan Perrin (J. Chrispell)


Matthew Lees (J. Bradshaw)
Nicole Lees (M. Numan)
Paul Singerman (M. Numan) 


Ian Bright (R. Pavloski)

The RESS Committee:

Shelly Bouchat (Mathematics)
Nick Deardorff (Geoscience)
Justin Fair (Chemistry)
William Ferrell (Psychology)
Robert Major (Biology)