Benefactors, Students Celebrate Endowed Scholarships

Posted on 4/15/2015 12:10:09 PM

Logan Feronti, 2015 Patchin and Bartolomucci Scholarship AwardeeRecipients of endowed scholarships at IUP and their benefactors recently celebrated philanthropy at IUP at the Celebration of Endowed Scholarships in the Ed Fry Arena of Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex.

Nearly 200 students and donors attended the annual dinner.

Logan Feronti (shown in the top photo) and Shawn Mosley (shown in bottom photo) represented student scholarship recipients by providing remarks.

Shawn Mosley, 2015 Serafini Scholarship AwardeeFeronti, a marketing major enrolled in the Cook Honors College, earned the Carl E. Patchin and Donald Bartolomucci scholarships. 

“When I was awarded the scholarships, I was extremely honored and thankful. For someone to be so selfless and give up their hard earned money to help me continue to be so successful is truly amazing,” Feronti said. “I honestly cannot begin to thank enough those who not only have contributed toward helping me to earn my degree, but also everyone who has ever donated even the slightest amount to help anyone here.”

Mosley, a mathematics major who earned the Terry Serafini Scholarship, expressed similar sentiment.

“As a recipient of the scholarship Mr. Serafini established, I had the opportunity to have lunch with him. He told those of us at the table that his greatest concern was that his scholarship be awarded to students who work hard. That made me feel so great—that I had earned his scholarship based on my academic merit,” she said. “I thanked him that day, and if he were here this evening, I’d express my appreciation again. I’d tell him that thanks to his investment, the world will someday have a dedicated and well-educated actuary who will make accurate and credible predictions.”

Next year’s celebration takes place Friday, April 22, 2016.

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