Student Research Showcased at Graduate Scholars Forum [Video]

Posted on 4/8/2015 4:01:35 PM

The IUP Graduate Scholars Forum was held on April 8, 2015 at the Hadley Union Building. The poster session featured 50 stellar examples of student research. In this video, student correspondent, Patrick, asks students about their research, what they learned, and their favorite part of the process.

Students featured in the video include:

  • Matthew Dovey, Photoperiod Regulation of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms through Social Interactions and Aggression
  • John Kamau, Peeling the Way to Green Energy: The Use of Potato Peels as a Potential Source of Bio-ethanol
  • Haytham Bakri, The Role of Students’ Aptitude and Working Memory in L2 Writing Corrective Feedback
  • Bianca Domahidi, Youthful Delinquency and Immigration
  • Kacy Crowley, Zero Tolerance Policies in schools: Is it Hindering Education?
  • Brian Fogle, Vernal Pool Analysis of Powdermill Nature Reserve

Graduate Scholars Forum