Professor Savova Presents on Accuracy and Fluency in Writing at International TESOL Convention

Posted on 4/2/2015 10:29:39 AM

Lilia Savova presented at the 2015 International TESOL Convention in Toronto on “Bridging Accuracy and Fluency in Research Writing.” Her presentation reflects her research on the linguistic analysis of texts, both original and plagiarized. It also showcases the pedagogical approach she developed and applied in her teaching.

More specifically, “Bridging Accuracy and Fluency in Research Writing” is based on her research on the nature of plagiarized texts, on the prevailing definitions of plagiarism, and on the application of the Prague School of Linguistics principles in that analysis. It differentiates between two applications of the process approach in research writing.

The first, a fairly common one, constitutes a fixed sequential process that frequently results in not finding the expected sources, changing topics, and, plagiarizing.

The second one, which she uses in her classes, is a flexible recursive process, which helps students avoid plagiarism.

Last but not least, it emphasizes the importance of developing register awareness in applying sentence-level accuracy competencies for an enhanced text-level fluency and a strong researcher voice.

Department of English