Stories from Student Scholars: Studying Genes Involved in Regeneration of Stem Cells [Video]

Posted on 3/31/2015 2:27:51 PM

Biochemistry major Estefania Alba will be presenting at the upcoming Undergraduate Scholars Forum on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. In this video, she discusses the research she is presenting on kidney regeneration. Under the direction of Biology faculty member Cuong Diep, Alba and her fellow researchers use zebrafish as a model system for their research.

IUP students just like Alba are conducting their own research on many diverse topics, and the Undergraduate Scholars Forum and the Graduate Scholars Forum provide a great opportunity for students to present their findings, test their presentation skills, and share their knowledge with the IUP community.

This year’s Undergraduate Scholars Forum will include 92 poster presentations, 83 oral paper presentations, six business case studies, five fine arts performances, and a variety of juried art exhibits.

This year’s Graduate Scholars Forum will involve 50 poster presentations, 28 oral paper presentations, and a variety of juried art exhibits.

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Interested in Cuong Diep's research with zebrafish? Click here to learn more about Dr. Diep.