Chemistry Faculty Discuss Research with CHEM 290 Students

Posted on 3/23/2015 12:04:28 PM

Faculty members of the Chemistry Department to detail aspects of their research programs to their Freshmen Chemistry students enrolled in CHEM 290: Chemistry Seminar I. 

Chemistry Seminar I provides information to students concerning undergraduate research and career possibilities based on a degree in chemistry or biochemistry. Much of the class will consist of presentations to students by research faculty in chemistry, biochemistry, and other departments across the university. 

Scheduled Speakers: 

March 20 - Dr. Fair
March 27 - Dr. Majumdar
April 3 - Drs. Ford and Ko
April 10 - Drs. See and LeBlond
April 17 - Drs. Elcesser and Lake
April 24 - Drs. Southard and Kyler
May 1 - Drs. McElroy and Ashe

Department of Chemistry