Geoscience Student Barber Accepted to Okeanos Explorer in Training Program

Posted on 3/5/2015 4:16:44 PM

Michael Barber, an undergraduate student in Geoscience, was recently accepted to participate in the oceanography research program aboard the Okeanos Explorer, the nation’s only federally operated vessel dedicated to ocean exploration.

The ship is equipped with advanced tools that support systematic exploration of unknown ocean regions. High-resolution sonars, deep-water remotely operated vehicles, and telepresence technology are used to collect baseline information in unexplored areas. Real-time collaboration with scientists and other experts at exploration command centers around the world enables rapid dissemination of information-rich products to the scientific community and ensures that data from new discoveries are available almost immediately to experts in relevant disciplines for further analysis and research.

Michael will board the research vessel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, during late May 2015, then begin seismic mapping of unknown seafloor regions for the next five weeks, traveling throughout the Caribbean Sea, passing through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean, and eventually arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii, in early July.

Department of Geoscience