COSC Best-in-Class Announced for Fall 2014

Posted on 2/18/2015 8:06:32 AM

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce the Computer Science Best-in-Class for the fall 2014 semester.

COSC 105 - Fundamentals of Computer Science

Mr. Theodore Sobolewski

COSC 110 - Problem Solving and Structured Programming

Mr. Neal A. Messer

COSC 220 - Applied Computer Programming

Ms. Chelsee Grafton

COSC 300 - Computer Organization and Assembly

Ms. Lisa Vatavuk

COSC 310 - Data Structures and Algorithms

Mr. Samuel Grieggs

COSC 319 - Software Engineering Concepts

Mr. Kyle Harrity

COSC 341 - Introduction to Database Management Systems

Ms. Cathleen Bressers

Department of Computer Science