Qualified Students Sought for IUP Ambassadors

Posted on 2/13/2015 10:10:38 AM

Do you know a student or student worker that you would like to recognize for their hard work? The IUP Ambassadors are beginning their membership process and need your help in nominating qualified students from your department or organization.

To achieve class balance, we are looking for primarily first- or second-semester freshmen or sophomores; however, upperclassmen will also be considered.

The students you nominate will receive a letter telling them of their nomination and explaining the organization, the application, and the interview process. The students selected through the interview process will have the opportunity to become a member of the IUP Ambassadors.

IUP Alumni Ambassadors

The IUP Ambassadors work regularly with the Office of Alumni Relations, administrators, alumni, and special guests of the university. Specifically, they play an important role in Homecoming, alumni events, the Young Alumni Achievement Awards, admissions, and career networking programs.

Nominated students should be those who you believe would enjoy and benefit from being an Ambassador. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Ambassadors’ blog.