Visit the Punxsutawney Campus During Spring Discovery Days

Posted on 2/11/2015 5:30:47 PM

Prospective students and their family members are encouraged to visit the IUP Punxsutawney campus during one of its spring Discovery Days!

Regardless of where you might be in your college selection process, you are encouraged to visit the IUP Punxsutawney campus and discover why our students enjoy outstanding first year success. The curriculum of classes is suited to accommodate any IUP major, our state-of-the-art Learning Center is student-centered, and our suite-style Living Center and Dining Commons affords both the necessities and luxuries of private residential living.

Most significantly, however, you’ll discover that our uniqueness lies in the very personalized approach of the delivery of instruction, student services, and support. At IUP Punxsutawney, you become more than a name and program of study among thousands of campus students. Our faculty and support staff will consider you a unique person who is beginning the journey toward a satisfying professional career and life purpose. This personalized approach assures you that we fully invest ourselves in your goal for the highest possible success!

Visit IUP Punxsutawney during our March 6, March 21, or April 25 Discovery Days, and witness what a difference the right choice will make. For more information or to place a Discovery Day reservation, contact Gina Bryant at 814-938-6711 or