Psychology’s Reitz-Krueger Publishes Works on Adolescents

Posted on 2/4/2015 11:28:45 AM

Cristina Reitz-Krueger (Psychology) has works appearing about the influence of community on adolescent development and prevention of adolescent violence and aggression.

Reitz-Krueger, C. L., Nagel, A. G., Guarnera, L. A., & Reppucci, N.D. (2014). Community influence on adolescent development. In T.P. Gullotta, M. Evans, M., & B. Plant,(Eds.) Handbook of Adolescent Behavioral Issues. (2nd Ed, pp. 71 - 84).  New York: Springer.

Reitz-Krueger, C. L. & Reppucci, N. D. (2014). The prevention of violence and aggression in adolescents. In T. P. Gullotta & M. Bloom (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion Part II. (2nd Ed. pp. 994 - 1002), New York: Springer.

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