Common Scams

Posted on 2/3/2015 10:42:11 AM

As the semester continues, please make certain to be on the lookout for fraudulent e-mail messages. Following are examples of some of the messages that have reportedly been sent to IUP students, faculty, and staff:

Job Scams

These fraudulent messages will offer internship, jobs, or business opportunities and will result in the victim receiving a fraudulent check to be deposited.

IRS Scams

These phishing messages will ask for personal or financial information claiming it is needed for tax purposes. These are not legitimate, and you should not respond to them.

Tech Support Scams

These fake messages will claim that you need to take some action in order to keep your account active. The IT Support Center will never send a message like this.

Make certain you never click any links in a suspicious message, and never send personal information via e-mail to anyone.

If you receive a suspicious message, please forward it as an attachment to