IUP Model European Union Team Gains Awards

Posted on 1/20/2015 1:56:46 PM

IUP students participated in two Model European Union simulations in 2014, and won awards on both occasions.

In November, IUP students Vincent Campisano, Ellen Raum, Tyler Gongola, Tyler Larkin, Jayde Ferney, Lameera Pine, and Justin Gloor represented Belgium in the Mid-Atlantic Model EU in Washington, DC. After a briefing at the Belgian Embassy by Deputy Chief of Mission Thomas Lambert, the students represented a variety of Belgian political leaders, including the prime minister, foreign minister, economics minister, and members of the European Parliament.

Belgian Delegation 400px
Members of IUP’s Model EU team, from left: Tyler Larkin, Ellen Raum, Justin Gloor, Vincent Campisano, Jayde Ferney, Lameera Pine, and Tyler Gongola

Earlier last year, on February 14, IUP students Savannah Pailloz and Ellen Raum participated in another Model EU simulation at Washington and Jefferson College. This time, the students represented the Austrian chancellor in discussions and negotiations over issues of youth unemployment and EU relations with the Russian Federation. Pailloz and Raum’s articulation of Austrian policies and outstanding work in caucusing earned them an Outstanding Delegation award from the judges at the competition.

Much like Belgium in the “Real Life” EU, IUP’s delegation assumed influence disproportionate to its numbers: the MEP in the Foreign Affairs committee, Annemie Neyts (played by Tyler Larkin), was elected vice chair of the committee, and the minister of Employment, Economy, and Consumer Affairs, Kris Peteers (played by Tyler Gongola), won an award for Best Minister in his Council of Ministers. Both our Prime Minister Charles Michel (played by Vincent Campisano) and our Foreign Minister Didier Reynders (played by Ellen Raum) were nominated for best minister in their councils as well.

The simulation concluded successfully with a vote in favor of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a free-trade pact the United States is currently negotiating with the European Union.

Professor Steven Jackson, advisor for the group, said afterwards, “This year has been the best year so far for IUP Model EU. We have been participating in simulations since 2009, and this is the first year we have won awards both at Washington and Jefferson and at the Mid-Atlantic simulations. This is a tribute to the enthusiasm and hard work of the students.” 

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