Criminal Justice Training Center Announces New Firearms Training System

Posted on 1/16/2015 1:00:05 PM

The Criminal Justice Training Center, in conjunction with the IUP Research Institute, applied for and received a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for the purchase of a firearms training system from Meggitt Training Systems.

The system, FATS L7, has numerous capabilities to include marksmanship training, shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios, and the ability to install custom-made scenarios. The system utilizes a Glock 17 and M4 for training purposes. These weapons, which are operated on compressed air, provide accurate and realistic recoil simulation. The FATS L7 also is equipped with a hostile return firing system, flashlight option, a chemical spray device, and a look-back option for playback review and analysis. The instructors operating the system also have the ability to initiate weapon malfunctions which would require the student to initiate proper clearing procedures before the weapon becomes operational. The instructor also has the ability to limit the number of rounds fired to ensure accuracy and shot placement.

The Criminal Justice Training Center will offer opportunities for law enforcement agencies to undergo training utilizing this system. It is also anticipated that opportunities will be offered to state and local government personnel and community leaders for the purpose of having them experience the split-second decisions law enforcement personnel are confronted with in situations where lethal force may or may not be used.

For more information, feel free to contact the Criminal Justice Training Center at 724-357-6943.