Slater Initiates Film Studies Facebook Page

Posted on 1/16/2015 11:05:39 AM

Tom Slater of the English Department and the IUP Center for Film Studies has created a Facebook page for the Center designed to encourage contributions from everyone in the IUP community and their friends. Students, faculty, and others can visit the site to post anything related to movies, television, animation, anime, video games, online streaming, or any issues related to ideas, personalities, favorites, or questions in these areas.

Faculty might also use the page to have students post responses to movies or other media. It could be a central forum for students from different classes to compare thoughts about media or share ideas for their own productions. Finally, it will be a place to announce campuswide events and film studies classes. So, please take a minute to check it out, request becoming a friend, and keep it in mind as a resource.

Visit the IUP Center for Film Studies Facebook page.