Fennimore Presents On “Civics-Based Activism For Young Children”

Posted on 12/2/2014 5:23:48 PM

Beatrice Fennimore, Professional Studies in Education, made a presentation at the 2014 annual meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies in Boston. 

Her presentation was called “Let’s Start a Movement: Civics-Based Activism For Young Children.”

The presentation focused on the importance of children having the opportunity to learn a sense of civic responsibility and democratic participation through “movements” that engage them first in working together to solve problems in their classrooms, and then help them see how they can contribute to the common good in their schools and communities.

Fennimore addressed the growing problem of “learned civic-helplessness”—the focus on self-serving behaviors and consumerism rationalized by the thought that “nothing can be accomplished” through civic engagement. She stressed the importance of helping children to see that something is always accomplished when people work together to solve problems, and that temporary failures are inevitable in reaching future success in constructing a fair and just society.

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