Construction Update: Campus Central Chiller Plant Shut Down

Posted on 11/18/2014 10:27:30 AM

Due to the cold weather we are experiencing, the Campus Central Chiller Plant has been shut down and will remain down to allow for the chiller plant expansion construction.

The Chiller Plant will be doubled in size from a 2,000-ton to a 4,000-ton plant to accommodate current and future campus buildings.

In order to accommodate the construction, the parking lot at the boiler plant will be closed from Grant Street to the northwest corner of the Cogeneration Plant for construction equipment and material laydown until construction is completed. The Chiller Plant is expected to be operational by the end of March 2015.

The following buildings will be affected by the shut-down:

Ackerman, Sutton, Stapleton, Stabley, Cogswell, Fisher, Waller, Sprowls, Crimson Cafe', Foster, University Towers, Whitmyre, Delaney Hall, Putt Hall, Northern Suites, Ruddock Hall, Suites on Maple, Suites on Pratt, Wallwork Hall, and Stephenson Hall.

Facilities Engineering and Construction