Psychology Department Colloquium Addresses Medical Trauma and Children’s Psychosocial Functioning

Posted on 11/7/2014 3:02:47 PM

On Friday, November 21 in Uhler Hall, Room 111, the Psychology Department will present “Medical Trauma And Children’s Psychosocial Functioning: What Is Normal?”

Robert Noll, PhD, professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, will describe expected social and emotional outcomes for children with severe chronic illness. An attempt will be made to identify which children are at highest risk for psychosocial difficulties subsequent to the occurrence of medical trauma. An evolutionary model for understanding children’s psychological reactions to medical trauma will presented. Finally, the need for increased awareness of resilience and positive psychology in children with chronic illness will be also discussed.

Noll’s research has focused on gaining a better understanding of the impact of medical challenges for children, their parents, and siblings. While Noll’s work has included studies examining the functioning of children with sickle cell, arthritis, hemophilia, migraines, fibromyalgia, and neurofibromatosis, children with cancer and their families have been the center point of his research and teaching career. 

Noll has published 125 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals, including more than 40 focusing on pediatric cancers. Along with this academic focus, Noll has been extremely involved in the mentoring of junior faculty, fellows, and graduate students. Noll has been the primary or co-primary mentor for six career development awards, and four of his previous fellows currently have NIH funding.

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