Keyed into Success: Computer Science Major Lojjik Braughler taps into what he's learned with an internship at wikiHow

Posted on 11/4/2014 1:58:37 PM

Lojjik Braughler at a computer

You’re looking through community images at the bottom of a wikiHow article and click the “show more” button. You’ve just tapped into computer code put in place by IUP Computer Science major Lojjik Braughler, who interned at wikiHow’s Palo Alto, California headquarters last summer.

While there, Braughler also changed a backend search engine and created an e-mail opt-out system, among other assignments.

“The things I saw there fell into what I learned at IUP, and what I learned in class helped me create new features,” he said. “Most people don’t see what engineers do because a lot of it’s maintenance, making things better, making things faster, making things work more efficiently.”

Choosing a major wasn’t hard for Braughler, who earned first place in technology concepts in a Future Business Leaders of America national contest while in high school.

Choosing a college brought him to campus, where he talked to a computer science professor. He was impressed with the approach the department was taking to technology.

“IUP doesn't just teach you; it gets you involved in the field you want to work in. I'm learning the technical side of computer science and the ethical issues too,” he said.

Ethical issues matter to Braughler, who chose wikiHow based on how he felt they used technology.

“It’s putting the public good first. That’s pretty much what I want to do with my career — help people,” said Braughler, who has added a minor in psychology. “I think there’s so much potential out there that’s untapped, especially in the area I’m interested in with computer science and psychology.”

Braughler was not a stranger to wikiHow when he chose the company for his internship. He’s been writing how-to articles for them for several years. One of his articles, “How to Change Your Browser’s Default Search Engine,” has had more than 444,800 views (and more than 21 editors) since he wrote it a few years ago.

Along with being a Computer Science major in the applied track and continuing to contribute to wikiHow, Braughler is a tutor for Upward Bound Math and Science at IUP and is on IUP’s programming team, which competes with teams from other universities.

“There are so many wonderful things about IUP. I’m glad I chose it,” he said.

—Marilyn Kukula, Writer/Editor; Office of Communications and Marketing