Machado Article Accepted for Publication in Book on Inclusive Campus Environments

Posted on 10/21/2014 1:20:45 PM

Crystal Machado’s article, “The “American Educational Experience” in a Predominantly White Rural Community as Described by International Students: An Opportunity to Redefine Priorities” has been accepted for publication in the book Theory to Practice: Fostering Diverse and Inclusive Campus Environments, by J. A. Aiken, L. Flash, W. Heading Grant, F.  Miller (Eds.), NCPEA Publications. 

Typological and interpretive analysis and neo-racist theory provided insight into the experiences of international students attending college in a predominantly white rural American community, suggesting the need for systemic, coherent, and comprehensive change. This chapter describes how multicultural environments can be created though evaluative research, culturally responsive programming, and local, national, and global partnerships.

Professional Studies in Education