Psychology’s Kaniasty Publishes on Polish Political Participation

Posted on 10/20/2014 8:20:27 AM

Ursula Jakubowska (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Krys Kaniasty published a paper entitled “Psychosocial predictors of Poles’ political participation” in Przegląd Psychologiczny (The Reviews of Psychology, 57 (1), 87-105, 2014).

Various legal political activities were examined in a random sample of 400 Poles. Results indicated higher levels of psychosocial resources (political self-efficacy, collective political efficacy, perceived social support in the context of politics, and interest in politics) were more strongly associated with greater engagement in legal political activities than other relevant and routinely studied predictors (sociodemographic characteristics or socio-political beliefs and attitudes).

cover of Przeglad Psychologiczny

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