Risky Behavior, Individual Characteristics, and Sexual Poly-Vicitimization Among College Women: Psychology Brown Bag Series

Posted on 10/17/2014 2:43:34 PM

On Friday, October 24, in Uhler Hall Room 111, Sadie Mummert of the Criminology Department will present “The Relationship Between Risky Behavior, Individual Characteristics, and Sexual Poly-Victimization Among College Women.”

Although general poly-victimization has begun to be researched, sexual poly-victimization has yet to be fully explored and understood. Beyond a study in military academies, the extent and factors that lead to sexual poly-victimization for college women have yet to be identified. Why some college women experience sexual poly-victimization and others do not has gone unexplored. Implications for policy and directions for future research will be discussed.

Department of Psychology