Hovan and Three Geoscience Students To Embark On Atlantic Ocean Research Expedition

Posted on 10/7/2014 9:52:19 AM

Geoscience Department faculty member Steve Hovan, along with undergraduate students Sierra Davis, Michael Barber, and Jules Dill, have been invited to join a team of scientists on an oceanographic research expedition to the Atlantic Ocean. They will spend five full weeks aboard the R/V Knorr collecting sediment cores and geophysical data that will be used to assess how deep ocean current circulation has changed since the last glacial ice age and the influence this has on global climates.

The R/V KnorrThe expedition departs from Woods Hole, Mass., on October 25, 2014, heading southeast to several coring sites about 600 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. IUP will join researchers from the University of Rhode Island, Boston University, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to survey the seafloor region and identify/collect a suite of sediment cores from water depths up to 6,000 meters deep.

You can learn more about the ship R/V Knorr and track its daily location: Where is Knorr Now?

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