Berman and Bonach Participate in International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma

Posted on 10/7/2014 9:14:53 AM

Pearl Berman and Kathryn Bonach, Department of Psychology, participated in the 19th annual International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma in San Diego, California, September 5–10, 2014. This conference draws participants from across the country and the world and includes a Think Tank for the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence (NPEIV).

This year, there were attendees from as far away as Hong Kong, Guam, and Spain as well as from across the USA and Canada. There was a board of directors meeting of NPEIV the evening of September 5, where members of the executive committee—Victor Vieth, Robert Geffner, and Jackie White—presented their yearly report to the board, which included Berman and Bonach. The Think Tank work spearheaded by Berman and Bonach was cited as an example of excellence at the meeting. The annual Think Tank was held September 6 and is an intensive set of sessions designed to develop the detailed goals and objectives for NPEIV for the coming year. Berman is the co-chair with Bettye Mitchell of Action Team 2, which focuses on the use of educational strategies and mentoring to end interpersonal violence. Bonach is the chair-elect of this action team and will take her position as co-chair in January 2016.

Two IUP students, Marissa Perrone and Irina Khrapatina, from the Psychology Department participated in the Think Tank.

Action Team 2 was involved in presenting research each day of the conference and also acted as chairs of presentations led by other researchers. While the Think Tank and conference were intense and exhausting experiences, a lighter note was provided by Bob Geffner, one of the founding members of NPEIV, who has a worldwide reputation in the area of violence prevention. To raise money for NPEIV, he agree to perch himself in a dunk tank and let conference attendees have the opportunity, at $10 a throw, to send him down under the water. Berman, doubting her throwing arm, sponsored Bonach and Vieth to take shots at Geffner. It is with IUP pride that Bonach sent him reeling into the water for a profound splash. Vieth then sent his buddy reeling back into the water after he had barely re-perched himself.

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