McAleer to Present Thinking Hats and Problem Solving Workshops

Posted on 10/1/2014 7:23:38 PM

Franny McAleer, Professional Studies in Education instructor and student teaching supervisor, will present two workshops at the Celebrate the Challenges Special Education Conference 2014 in Kananaskis, Canada, October 16–18. Hosting the conference is the Alberta Teachers’ Association, whose mission is “supporting and leading teachers of students with diverse learning needs.”

In 2011, Franny presented the Six Thinking Hats as a tool for empowering students as thinkers and leaders. Invited to present this year, one of Franny’s sessions will be “Differentiating the Questioning Process with Six Thinking Hats,” using color to illustrate metaphorical hats with higher level thinking traits. Teachers will learn this internationally renowned strategy, developed by Dr. Edward DeBono, that provokes inquiry and sparks fluency. As a result, both teachers and students will think at higher levels by moving discussions from facts, to application, to global connections and innovative possibilities.   

Modeled after “Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination,” the second presentation will be “Opening Minds: Creativity, Problem Solving, Inquiry, and Teamwork.” In this workshop, three creative problem-solving techniques will be presented to develop creativity, innovative ideas, and original products. All are essential to effective teaching and crucial to students who participate in the International Odyssey of the Mind or Destination Imagination programs, where they develop unique solutions to problems. After this workshop, classrooms will ignite with creative thinking, and Odyssey of the Mind or Destination Imagination programs may take root in Canadian schools.

Professional Studies in Education