Kaniasty Co-Edits Stress and Anxiety Book

Posted on 9/30/2014 7:40:41 AM

Psychology’s Krys Kaniasty and his colleagues (Kathleen Moore, Australia; Siobhán Howard, Ireland; Petra Buchwald, Germany) edited a book entitled Stress and Anxiety. Applications to Social and Environmental Threats, Psychological Well-Being, Occupational Challenges, and Developmental Psychology.

Stress and Anxiety book coverThis current volume of the Stress and Anxiety series published by Logos Verlag Belin presents 27 chapters that thematically span four general areas of stressful life events, anxiety, and coping research. The first collection of papers concerns coping with economic burdens, natural disasters, and human-induced catastrophes and considers psychological resources which may serve as protective factors. Next are review and empirical investigations that examine a variety of manifestations of emotional and psychological well-being, evaluations of treatment programs, as well as scale validation studies. Part three features manuscripts addressing both psychological benefits and liabilities of occupational demands with a focus on exploration of positive work context for both the individual and the workplace. Chapters in the final part of the volume focus on developmental markers and coping efforts of children and adolescents with foci on environmental influences and cross-cultural comparisons. 

Department of Psychology