Eberly’s First Resumania Rocks Students Resumes

Posted on 9/19/2014 10:19:15 AM

LeDawn D. Yesho, Executive Vice President and Chief Auit Execuive for S&T Bank reviewing a student's resume. Eberly College’s Resumania was enjoyed by all during the week-long program aimed at educating students about proper resume formatting.

Resumania was a blast during the week of September 8–12 for students looking to create and refine their resumes in the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology-hosted event.

With hundreds of students signed up to participate, there was never a dull moment. Faculty, administrators, and business professionals teamed up during the week-long educational extravaganza to help students create organized and professional resumes as they prepare for the upcoming recruitment season.

“We are committed to doing whatever we can to help prepare our students to make a good impression on employers,” said Cyndy Strittmatter, assistant dean for administration, who oversaw this event.

Eberly has many professional development activities each year to assist students. However, it was decided to hold Resumania at the start of the term to focus solely on helping students with resumes. The event had a lot of buzz throughout the week, and students were eager to learn new strategies for formatting and wording.

Resumania was comprised of two parts. During part one, students attended one of five workshop sessions that focused on the importance of a good resume and the components that should be included. Students saw examples of what they might include in sections pertaining to education, work history, honors, and activities. Over 300 students participated in these workshops, which were cosponsored by the Eberly College of Business and IT and the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC).

Melissa Gaskill, a graduate student working for the CPDC, presented one of the workshops. She brought attention to details students often overlook while creating their resume. Gaskill gave the example of a student listing their achievements in a random order instead of by importance. The most impressive detail should be at the top, as employers will statistically spend only a few seconds looking at an applicant’s resume. She also reminded students that employers are looking for what students have accomplished during college, so leave high school accomplishments and activities off of the resume.

The second part of Resumania included one-on-one meetings in which students met with professionals from IUP faculty, CDPC, IUP Human Resources and Social Equity offices, Indiana County Society for Human Resource Management, and the business community. Over 200 meetings were held during the three-day period.

Human resources representatives assisted from PLS Logistics, S&T Bank, Fastenal, Quintech, IRMC, First Commonwealth, LifeSteps, the U.S. Navy, and Arin IU #28. Jim Struzzi, president of the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, also participated as a reviewer.

“The workshop was really helpful,” said Miranda Olsavsky, an accounting and MIS senior. “Although I already had a resume, it made me realize that I could make improvements in my format and content that might help an employer notice my resume among the many that they receive.”

The participating employers were able to offer unique insight on the resumes by explaining what they look for during the hiring process. They advised students on what to remove or add to their resumes and how to order the information.

Garrett Burba, operations senior, had one-on-one resume assistance from representatives from PLS Logistics. “It was really great to get to speak directly with HR professionals in my field. They not only gave me tips on formatting, but they talked to me about my professional goals. I am glad that the Eberly College helps to make connections for students with prospective employers.”

Casey Lemmons

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology