Laboratory Safety Training for Researchers, Lab Preparers, and Teaching Assistants

Posted on 9/13/2014 3:30:12 PM

Laboratory safety training is now available through D2L for student researchers, laboratory preparers, and teaching assistants.  

The training consists of three modules: biological, chemical, and radiation. If you are working in a lab, as opposed to taking a class, please see your supervisor or research adviser to determine which of the three modules to complete. For example, if your lab contains both chemicals and biological materials, you will need to complete the biological and chemical modules.

Your supervisor/research advisor will need a copy of your certificate(s) and orientation checklist, located on D2L, before you start working in the lab or request keys.

D2L Course: "jfair other CNSM College Safety and Information Site."  

Note: All College of Natural Science and Mathematics students, faculty, and staff have been enrolled in this course to expedite and streamline the training process. Not all students enrolled will need to complete the training, only those who are student researchers, laboratory preparers, and teaching assistants.

Department of Chemistry