Porter Publishes Study on Using Multimedia in Language Learning Classrooms

Posted on 9/11/2014 1:35:30 PM

English professor Curt Porter has published a peer-reviewed article on wiki use for collaborative course design in the September issue of STEM Journal, an international journal on the use of multimedia in language instruction.

In “Liquid Textbooks: Collaborative Course Design, Dogme Instruction, and Localizing Critical Practice,” Porter examines how a Wiki can be used for collaborative course design among students and teachers.

Curt considers strategies for developing a pedagogy centered on learners interests and issues while promoting critical inquiry into the concept of language learning as a social endeavor.

he full citation for this article is: Porter, C. (2014). Liquid textbooks: Collaborative course design, Dogme instruction, and localizing critical practice. STEM Journal, 15(2), 167-185.