Ruby Co-authors Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters.

Posted on 9/9/2014 4:56:42 PM

Christina Ruby, Department of Biology, recently co-authored four articles in peer-reviewed neuroscience journals and two book chapters in neuroscience textbooks.

  • Abulseoud OA, Camsari UM, Ruby CL, Kasasbeh A, Ahmed AT, Choi S, Choi DS (2014) Attenuation of ethanol withdrawal by ceftriaxone-induced upregulation of glutamate transporter EAAT2.  Neuropsychopharmacology 39: 1674-84.
  • Ruby CL, Adams CA, Hinton DJ, Abulseoud OA, Walker DL, O’Connor KM, Noterman MF, Choi DS (2014) Adenosinergic regulation of striatal clock gene expression and ethanol intake during constant light. Neuropsychopharmacology, 39: 2432-40. 
  • Vadnie CA, Hinton DJ, Choi S, Ruby CL, Oliveros A, Prieto ML, Park JH, Choi DS (2014) Activation of neurotensin receptor type 1 in the nucleus accumbens attenuates locomotor activity. Neuropharmacology 85: 482-92.
  • Abulseoud OA, Camsari UM, Ruby CL, Mohamed K, Abdel Gawad, N, Kasabeh A, Yuksel MYY, Choi DS (2014) Lateral hypothalamic kindling induces manic-like behavior in rats: a novel animal model.  Int J Bipolar Disord, In Press.
  • Ruby CL, O’Connor KM, Ayers-Ringler J, Choi DS (2014) Adenosine and glutamate in neuroglial interaction: Implications for circadian disorders and alcoholism.  Glutamate and ATP at the Interface of Metabolism and Signaling in the Brain.  Vladimir Parupura (Ed.), Springer, New York, USA.  In Press.
  • Ruby CL (2014) Adenosine and glutamate in neuroglial interaction: Implications for sleep disorders and alcoholism.  Sleep Modulation by Obesity, Diabetes, Age, and Diet.  Ronald Watson (Ed.), Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  In Press.

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