Chemistry Faculty to Offer Seminars to Local Universities

Posted on 9/6/2014 9:59:30 AM

The Chemistry Department is pleased to offer select seminar topics from the faculty. If you are interested in a title, please contact the speaker directly at your earliest convenience. 

Available Speakers for Fall 2014

Advancing undergraduate chemistry education through interactions: online projects to help students interact with molecules and one another

Colin Ashe, 724-357-4482,

Crash landing the flipped chemistry classroom: when flipping falters

Wendy Elcesser, 724-357-2362,

Desirable Attributes for Newly Hired Industrial Organic Chemists

Justin Fair, 724-357-4477, 

Waste paper as biomass: cellulase production on waste paper by the filamentous fungus, Trichoderma reesei

John Ford, 724-357-5702,

DNA Interaction and H2 Production Studies of Transition Metal Complexes

Avijita Jain, 724-357-2368,

Applied Biochemistry for Next Generation Biofuels Development

Sudipta Majumdar, 724-357-4481,

Marcellus shale and water quality at the Beaver Run Reservoir

Nathan McElroy, 724-357-4829, 

Applying Structural Coordination Chemistry to Metal-Organic Frameworks: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Ron See, 724-357-4489,

Developing systems for production of mammalian protein hormones in E. Coli

Jon Southard, 724-357-2210,

The Role of the Proposed Intrinsically Unstructured C-terminal Domain of the S. cerevisiae Srs2 Helicase in Mediating its Function in DNA Replication and Repair

Jana Villemain,  724-357-2180, 

Department of Chemistry